What is Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Disease TreatmentAlzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease. It is also the most common cause of dementia. Eventually neurons are damaged to the point where basic motor functions and memory become difficult maybe even impossible. The cause of this neurological damage is often attributed to an accumulation of plaque or protein based fragments surrounding neurons and twisted inside. These protein deposits are also closely linked with Parkinson's disease as well. In fact, 50 - 80% of those with Parkinson's develop some type of dementia.

Because of the nature of this disease, it is absolutely necessary to diagnose as early as possible. Though incurable, it is possible to improve the quality of life with a proper treatment.


Alzheimer's Facts

What are the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease?

People of all ages can fall victim to this disease. With proper identification and treatment the quality of a person't life can be significantly improved. Though there is no specific cure for Alzheimer's disease, we at Neurological Wellness can recommend several courses of action that fit your diagnosis and individual needs. 

In order to aid in proper treatment take a look at these 10 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease:

Difficulty With Tasks
Loss of Time/Location
Vision and Spatial Relations Issues
Trouble Communicating
Inability to Retrace Steps
Poor Judgement
Withdrawn from Work/Social Life
Change in Personality

Alzheimer’s Treatment

Our professional staff in Pewaukee, Mukwonago, and Waukesha can assist in finding the right solution and treatment path for you or a loved one. We offer treatment for:

  • Sleep Loss
  • Behavioral
  • Memory Loss


We have effective solutions to treat sleep, behavioral and memory issues.