EMG /NCS are electrodiagnostic tests of muscle and nerve physiology.

An EMG (Electromyography) evaluates muscle function.  A small, thin, specially coated needle is inserted gently through the skin and into the muscle. This test is performed on a number of different muscles.  Electrical activity within the muscles is individually recorded.

An NCS (Nerve Conduction Study) evaluates the speed at which impulses travel between nerves.  Mild electrical currents are applied to the skin through disposable, self-sticking electrodes in specific areas. Muscles will twitch when current is applied, but this is not harmful.

Each test produces various waveforms that Dr. Jochims evaluates to determine the health of your muscles and nerves.  Dr. Jochims will communicate these findings to both you and your referring doctor. Results will be available approximately 2 to 3 days after the tests.

Radiological Imaging

As a neurologist, Dr. Jochims is specially trained to read and interpret neurodiagnostic imaging including MRI, CT, SPECT/PET imaging of brain and spine. He will personally work with you so that you will best understand the results of your test(s).  Dr. Jochims will then decide if additional tests are needed.