What is CPAP?

The most effective and well recognized treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. CPAP therapy involves wearing a mask which is connected by tubing to a device that delivers positive pressurized air to the airway.  This air pressure acts as a splint to keep the upper airway open preventing the collapsing of the tissues that can lead to airway obstruction and sleep apneas.

Why Choose Us?

Neurological Wellness Clinic specializes in Sleep and CPAP therapy, ensuring your pateints achieve CPAP success. We offer personal care by a team of dedicated sleep technicians.

Convenient and late hours
Emergency Services available 24/7
Compliance rate higher than national averages
We offer an automatic resupply program.
Personal mask fitting and machine training.
We offer a wide variety of masks to choose from.
Masks offer a 30 night comfort/fit guarantee.
Leading technology in CPAP machines from ResMed and Respironics.


Positive airway pressure therapy can be delivered by various types of equipment depending upon your personal needs.

 CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure delivers pressurized air at one fixed pressure.  Newer technology delivers faster even more comfortable delivery of air pressure.

 APAP or  automatic positive airway pressure automatically adjusts pressure levels based on a patient’s breathing.

 Bilevel therapy provides higher pressure when breathing in and a lower pressure when breathing out.

These units are two pieces with one side providing the pressure setting and collecting data while the other side provides humidified air through tubing which is attached to the mask.  A data card is included in each machine and continuously collects information that will be reviewed with the patient’s doctor periodically.

Small Unit

Sleep CPAP units are small, portable and nearly silent.


Every sleep CPAP unit includes a portable bag for easy travel