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CPAP masks

CPAP Parts and Accessories

It's very important to follow a strict schedule of replacing worn and used parts for continued success in treating your obstructive sleep apnea. The following guidelines have been established for replacement parts.

Neurological Wellness Clinic will work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure that you have adequate replacement parts for your CPAP device. We also offer a convenient automatic resupply program.

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CPAP Mask Filters

Filters should be addressed weekly by removing and shaking residue from them. Disposable filters should be completely replaced monthly to ensure air quality is maintained

CPAP Mask Cushions

Mask Cushions
Always clean your mask cushions daily either with a mild soap and warm water or convenient CPAP wipes. This will help to keep material pliable and maintain a good seal. Cushions should be replaced between 1 – 3 months, as needed.

CPAP Tubing

Tubing should be rinsed daily and hung to dry to keep good air quality. The most popular used tubing is a 6’ performance tubing. Another option is heated climate controlled tubing which fosters higher humidity with less condensation/water accumulation.

Tubing covers are also available for purchase. Tubing should be replaced every 3 months.

CPAP Mask Assembly

Full Mask Assembly
Masks should be disassembled and cleaned with warm soapy water weekly. This ensures all parts continue to work as they should, keeping a good seal and fitting properly. Full mask assembly should be replaced every 3 - 6 months as needed.

CPAP Mask Headgear

Headgear can be gently washed with warm water and a mild soap. Keeping headgear clean keeps a proper fit and helps to reduce mask leakage. Headgear should be replaced every 6 months

CPAP Mask Water Chambers / Humidifiers

Water Chambers / Humidifiers
Water chambers should be emptied daily and rinsed. Clean your water chamber with warm soapy water making certain to rinse thoroughly. Some water chambers can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well.

Replacing your Water chamber every 3 - 6 months will keep your humidified air clean and fresh.